Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for Public Buildings
Three webinars for interactive on-line tuition.


The project partners have jointly designed and implemented 3 webinars for on-line tuition in the partners own laguages. The contents of the webinars are based on the contents of the EnPC-INTRANS one-day Seminar and focus on different modules of the seminar in each of the webinars:

EPC Webinar A – Selection of EPC projects and business models
EPC Webinar B – Tendering and contracting
EPC Webinar C – Measurement and verification of achievements

Each of the webinars has been designed to provide for 60-90 minutes training session, plus 15 minutes evaluation session (joint or individual participants’ evaluation).

A first round of webinars with at least 3 webinars performed in each of the Partner countries Croatia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine was performed in 2016.

Webinar materials are available for free downlad below. Interested trainers and institutes are encouraged to make use of these materials for their own webinars on EPC for public buildings at any time. Reports on performed webinars and evaluation results would be very well appreciated by GIZ and/or by the project partner in your country.

Croatian: Webinars A B C
English: Webinars A B C or A B C
German: Webinars A B C
Greek: Webinars A B C
Latvian: Webinars A B C
Romanian: Webinars  A B C
Serbian: Webinars A B C
Slovakian: Webinars A B C
Slovenian: Webinars A B C
Ukrainian: Webinars A B C

An Evaluation Report on the Webinars performed by the project partners in 9 countries in 2017 is published and available for free dowload  here (EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D5.1).