Training Platform

In due course of EnPC-INTRANS project implementation the partners organized at total of
35 webinars, 9 seminars and 9 road show events in Croatia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Furthermore, the partners prepared e-learning materials for remote self-studies of interested stakeholders and experts in 10 different languages. The Training materials for webinars, seminars and e-learning are available for free download on the following pages:

Prior to implementing information and training events, the partners organized a Training-of-Trainers enabling a total of more than  50 experts from the 9 partner countries to perform their own training activities using the provided materials.

Finally, experts and stakeholders from all over Europe were invited to the International EnPC-INTRANS Conference on 15 November 2016 in Stuttgart-Esslingen/Germany. More than 100 stakeholders and experts from at least 16 different countries made use of this opportunity to exchange concepts and ideas concerning the further development of European EPC markets.