The International EnPC-INTRANS Conference draws a positive balance of the EnPC-INTRANS Project.

The conference “Energy Performance Contracting for Public Buildings” was held  on 15 November 2016 in Stuttgart/Esslingen in Germany. More than 100 stakeholders and experts from at least 16 different European countries discussed the results of the EnPC-INTRANS project and exchanged their concepts and ideas for the further market development of EPC in public buildings and facilities in Europe.

Representatives of public authorities, national and regional decision makers, non-governmental organizations, municipalities, facilitators, interested SMEs, contractors, and other stakeholders participated actively in 4 workshops focussing on:

  • EPC Business Models
  • Development of EPC Projects
  • Tendering and Contracting of EPC Projects for Public Buildings
  • Measurement and Verification of Savings in EPC projects.

The general conclusions drawn by an international panel at the end of the conference painted an optimistic picture concerning future market perspectives of EPC in public buildings and facilities. In order to create mutual trust on the public customers’ as well as the private ESCOs’ sides, and in order to gain experience in the practical use of EPC business models, panellists recommended focussing the first steps of market development on “EPC light” for public buildings and on street lighting as the facilities which are the most suitable for the demonstration of the mututal win-win resulting from EPC for both the public and private sector.

All speakers agreed that the results achieved from the EnPC-INTRANS project may create an enormous push to the market. They recommended to further up-scale capacity development conecpts and methods demonstrated in the EnPC-INTRANS project. The conference programme and all presentations given to the conference  are available here.