Press Releases

 The Partners issued a series of press releases in English and in their local languages to the media in their countries:

  • The first press release in June 2015 gave a general overview of the concept of energy performance contracting in public buildings and of the project setup of EnPc-INTRANS.
  • The second press release in August 2015 focused on Job creation effects resulting from the further market uptake of EPC in public buildings.
  • The third press release in October 2015 adressed the comparative assessment of the advantages of EPC implemented by ESCOs in comparison to the traditional owner-directed way of project implementation .
  • The fourth press release in March 2016 explained why EPC would be useful in most of existing public buildings and presents the three different Business models of EPC promoted in EnPC-INTRANS capacity building activities.
  • The fifth press release in July 2016 promotes the publicly available Training material developed by the EnPC-INTRANS Project Partners English and the nine Partner languages
  • The  sixth press release in February 2017 reflects the impact of the project on newly triggered and boosted EPC projects in üublic buildings in the partner countries 

Copies of these press releases in the local languages (Croatian, German, Greek, Latvian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukrainian) can be requested directly from the partners.

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