Publications produced in due course of the Project:


Baseline Study on the Current State of EPC/ESCO Project Development and Implementation in the Public Sector of Partner countries 
(EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D6.1)

D3-1 EN

 Stakeholder Opinion on EPC/ESCO Business Concepts in the Partner Countries 
(EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D4.1) 

D4-1 EN

Training Needs Assessment Report 
(EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D4.1)


Report on Adapted Business Models for Energy Performance Contracting
in the Public Sector
(EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D2.1)


Update study on the current state of EPC/ESCO Project Development and Implementation in the Public Sector of Partner countrieds 
(EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D6.3)

D6-2 EN

Summary Evaluation Report on Performed Awareness Building and Training Activities 
(EnPC-INTRANS Deliverable D6.2)

Relevant publications from other sources:


Energy Performance Contracting Manual
Published by the TRANSPARENSE Project in 2013.


 Assessing Framework Conditions for Energy Service Companies
in Developing and Emerging Countries – Guideline

Published by GIZ in 2013


A Guide to Energy Performance Contracts and Guarantees – Draft for Consultations
Published by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland in


Guide to Energy Performance Contracting Best Practices
published by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change in 2015


Best Practice Guidelines for Using Energy Performance Contracts to improve Government Buildings
Published by the International Energy Agency – Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Programms (IEA-ECBCS) n 2010