Final conference

International Conference on Energy Performance Contracting: November 15th, 2016

The international conference “Energy Performance Contracting for Public Buildings” offered a number of diverse presentations. More than 100 representatives of public authorities, national and regional decision makers, organizations, municipalities, facilitators, interested SMEs, contractors, and other stakeholders from at least 16 different European countries participated in the conference.

Programme and presentations:

Welcoming address
Dr. Jürgen Zieger, Municipality Esslingen (Germany)

Official welcome
European challenges and support for EPC Projects
Mr. Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission DG JRC (Italy)

EnPC Intrans: Contents, Results, Recommendations
Mr. Bruno Wilhelm, Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (Germany)

Municipalities‘ perspective on EPC
Ms. Elise Steyaert, Climate Alliance (Belgium)

ESCO perspective on EPC
Mr. Volker Dragon, eu.esco European Association of Energy Services Companies (Switzerland)

European Code of Conduct for EPC
Ms. Jana Szomolányiová , SEVEn Energy – The Energy Efficiency Center(Czech Republic)

A pilot EPC Light project in Barcelona
Mr. Josep Maria Granollers, ICAEN Catalan Institute for Energy (Spain)

Experiences from EPC basic projects
Mr. Cian O‘Riordan, SEAI Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (Ireland)

Comprehensive renovations with EPC Plus by the regional public society OSER
Mr. Laurent Chanussot, RAEE Rhônalpénergie-Environment (France)

Workshop 1: EPC business models
Experience with EPC business models
Mr. Marcel Lauko, Energy Center Bratislava (Slovakia)

Financing instruments for EPC projects
Ms. Vesna Bukarica, Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (Croatia)

Workshop 2: Development of EPC
How to set up an EPC project
Mr. Johan Coolen, Factor4 (Belgium and Netherlands)

Potential pitfalls from ESCOs perspective
Mr. Mihai Dogaru, Veolia Energie Prahova (Romania)

Workshop 3: Tendering and contracting of EPC projects
Challenges of procurement procedure in Serbia
Mr. Djordie Popovic, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz – Belgrade Office (Serbia)

Experience from Ukrain EPC municipal projects
Mr. Dmytro Naumenko, Kiev municipal administration (Ukraine)

Experience from Latvian Real Estate owners
Ms. Agra Locmele, Latvian State Joint Stock Company „State Real Estate“ (Latvia)

Workshop 4: Measuring and verification of savings
Procedures to determine energy savings
Mr. Rajko Leban, Energy agency for Goriška (Slovenia)

Measurement and verification tools
Mr. Spiros Metallinos, Hellenic Energy Authority (Greece)

Participants on the panel discussion:
Christiane Egger, Fedarene European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the
Environment and OÖ Energiesparverband (Austria)
Dimitri Hadjidakis, Turner & Townsend (Great Britain)
Agra Locmele, Latvian State Joint Stock Company „State Real Estate“ (Latvia)
Marcel Lauko, Energy Center Bratislava (Slowakei)